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In Regional Advantage, you will develop key contacts with business and community leaders and decision makers - as well as future leaders like yourself! You will learn how our seven communities work both individually and together. You will better understand the issues and opportunities facing the region - and how you and your company can help. Finally, you will develop important leadership skills that you can apply directly to your work as well as your community.


Below is a brief summary of the program. For questions, please contact Karen Granade at 817.837.1000.


Welcome Reception - August 22

Session 1 - Leadership Training / Orientation - September 13 - Required Attendance

Meet and greet your fellow class members as well as the Board of Directors and staff of the Northwest Metroport Chamber of Commerce. We'll discuss "Your Leadership Trail," including class materials and session objectives & expectations. We'll dive right into leadership skills training and learn about class projects. (Leadership training will be a key component for each session throughout the year.) In addition, class participants will be guests at the annual Lone Star Legislative Report luncheon, which features our Austin legislators in a panel format discussing the upcoming 2019 Legislative Session.

Session 2 - Road Trip: Visit our Seven Communities - October 11

We will get a hands-on look at each of our seven communities as we travel to each, meet with community leaders, and better understand how each community maintains a personal "stamp" on their way of life. We'll explore how each community maintains its individual flavor and how they unite to combine efforts and work synergistically.

Session 3 - Transportation / Economic Development - November 8

We will discuss the transportation needs and opportunities of our region and learn how transportation and economic development work together for positive growth. 

Session 4 - Education and Healthcare - December 13

The Northwest Metroport region is served by outstanding schools and health facilities. We will hear from Northwest and Argyle ISDs about the future of education in our region. We also will explore education options in the area and how schools are developing programs and working together to prepare students for future employment. For health care, we will better understand projections for population growth in our area and how medical facilities are preparing to service the region's growing needs.


Session 5 - How Non-Profits Enhance the Community - January 10

This session will examine how non-profit organizations are serving the needs of our communities and how specific companies are stepping up to assist non-profits through volunteer service and financial support. A win-win for the residents and businesses in our region! 

Session 6 - Business Tours & Presentations - February 14

The Northwest Metroport region is home to some of the nation's top corporations. We'll tour key facilities and meet with business representatives. 


Session 7 - Economic Development, Local Government, Growth - March 13

This session includes the workings of local governments, how they work with state and national entities, and what the local offices do to grow the region.

Session 8 - Road Trip: Visit the State Capitol - Date TBD

We will travel to Austin to visit the State Capitol and meet with key legislators for our region.


Session 9 - Public Safety: Working to Keep our Region Safe - May 8

Our class will meet with representatives from the fire & rescue and police teams in our region. We'll learn how our seven communities work together to facilitate emergency services for all. In addition, we'll examine the large-scale emergency preparedness operations for our area. 

Session 10 - Graduation at Chamber's June Membership Luncheon - June 2

Graduation ceremonies will be held at the Northwest Metroport Chamber of Commerce's June Membership Luncheon held at The Speedway Club at Texas Motor Speedway.



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Application for the 2019-2020 class year has closed. Please check back in Spring 2020. 

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